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Article Summarization

One of our assignments this week was to read the article Speed Up Your Website with Better Image Optimization in Photoshop.  How’s that for a mouthful?

Basically the article is about how to get the best loading speed for images without sacrificing too much quality.  Let’s face it, we want people to see what we have taken the time to put on our websites, but if load times are arduous, many people will say to heck with it, and they’ll go elsewhere.

The first, and main point the article makes, is that you should never use the Save or Save As functions in Photoshop.  Instead, Save For Web & Devices will give you much more control while also giving you the ability to preview how your image will appear under different compression algorithms.  It will also tell you the final size of your file for each option, whether you choose to safe as a .jpg, a .gif, or a .png.

What you’ll want to choose will depend on the type of image you are working with, but no matter what that is, definitely give it some thought instead of blindly doing a Save.  Not only will your readers thank you, but if you pay by bandwidth, it could save you a considerable amount of money over time.


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